Montreal Taekwondo Association

Montreal Taekwondo Association is a nonprofit organization that brings together several schools in the Greater Montreal areas Concordia. Taekwondo body is sport for all ages , children or adults , men or women.

It is a Korean method of combat. It is a method of Korean combat. It is based on a very old tradition , and existed long before the Middle Ages in Korea, through many schools as the Taekyon or subak.

The ancients defined taekyon, the ancestor of Taekwondo, as the martial art of the sage. He was seen as a means of defense, not a means of attack. It can be translated as The way of the foot and the fist (tae, foot – kwon, fist – do, way).


Administration Name Email School
Président Maître Evangelos Lygeros Chong Lee Taekwondo
Vice-Président Michel Labonté Ashley Taekwondo
Directeur technique Maître Ashley Castaneda Ashley Taekwondo
Trésorier Gregory Synanidis Chong Lee Taekwondo
Directeur Raymond Mourad Raymond Mourad Taekwondo Academy
Secrétaire Abdel-Ilah Es-Sabbar École des Champions


The annual dues to be paid to the Taekwondo Association of Quebec Inc., must be resolved in order for the dojang is a member of the corporation. A failure to pay its dues to the Taekwondo Association of Quebec Inc., the dojang volt withdraw all its rights and privileges conferred by its membership .


The objects of the corporation are: Together people interested in the practice and development of taekwondo in the territory of Montreal -Concordia Promote the interests of taekwondo Montreal -Concordia organizing competitions , tournaments , workshops and training courses on the Taekwondo